featured10 - Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

When you log onto your chosen social media platform, chances are you will see an option to watch the temporary “stories” of your network. What you may not realize is that this is actually ethereal marketing.

What is Ethereal Marketing?

This is the wholly digital marketing technique where in you make use of the post option which disappears after 24 hours. These are quite common in Snapchat, Instagram, and now, even Facebook. These temporary posts are the latest in a long line of updates which businesses and brands can take advantage of.

Here are a few reasons why we refer to ethereal marketing as “24 hours of absolute magic”:

Speedy Posting

41 - Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

One great thing about ethereal marketing is that you can create one super fast. You can have photo of your latest product, put a caption, and upload it. It takes very little time to compose a post which is ideal when you’ve got a lot of other things to do.

Speedy posting also helps with the consumers that don’t really spend a lot of time going through newsfeeds. A quick ethereal post will help them keep up with any updates from you without having to spend a lot of time on the social media platform.

Immediate Responses

42 - Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

The followers of your brand will get notifications that you have shared something on the platform. If your post enables them to respond to you via comments or through a choice that they can select, you can make use of that to determine the success of your upcoming endeavor.

Timed Offers

43 - Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

One of the best things about ethereal marketing is that it encourages your audience to engage fully. For example, you have a limited time offer which is only possible by catching a screen cap of your post and presenting it at the store or at an event. Not everyone will be able to do it and it has to be an actual screen cap so it cannot be just passed around.

This makes sure that your audience will always check your stories for the chance to obtain limited time offers.

Moving Forward

Ethereal marketing is a branch of technology which should be utilized quite often—especially if you want to maintain a foothold in the consciousness of your audiences. In the same way that a gambler will be utilizing something that can help them maximize their wins, your brand should maximize the benefits of ethereal marketing.

Have you given ethereal marketing a try? What benefits has your brand reaped from it?

featured9 - Event 101: How to Signal Boost Your Upcoming Events

Event 101: How to Signal Boost Your Upcoming Events

When a business wants to really generate interest or make a splash with their market, events are usually part of the plan. Events are one of the greatest ways to make your mark as brand. When you have an event coming up, it will be quite important for your brand to be able to provide a suitable boost for it. For today’s discussion, we’ll be talking about a few tips on how to signal boost your upcoming events.

Here are some of the things that we do:

Regular Updates

31 - Event 101: How to Signal Boost Your Upcoming Events

It would make very little sense for a brand to not let their audiences have any updates regarding the upcoming event. Updates should be about the date, venue, and even the time of the event. It can involve reminders about any ticket sales or what sort of thing isn’t allowed on the premises.

Updates give your audiences a better idea about how corporeal your event is going to be. After all, if your event doesn’t have much update to it, they’ll simply assume that it’s not going through.

Use That Hashtag

32 - Event 101: How to Signal Boost Your Upcoming Events

Social Media makes use of hashtags in order to collate and compile relative posts or all the posts which have that hashtag. Various social media platforms make use of a hashtag to make it a lot easier for their users to get the word out.

The numbers of people that make use of the hashtag boost the ranking of the word itself. So the more people make use of the hashtag, the wider the reach of your event. There is a reason why certain hashtags dominate the social media platforms when certain shows are on. The audiences make use of hashtags to be ‘in’.

Use Ads

33 - Event 101: How to Signal Boost Your Upcoming Events

In the world of today, running ads is still one of the best ways to generate buzz and attention for your event. What’s great about it is the fact that you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to get ads to work for you.

You can enlist the aid of the ad options of various sites or even the ad options of social media platforms.

Moving Forward

It isn’t all that hard to really give your event the boost that it needs. It only requires dedication on your part and on the part of any employees you have. After all, the event is your collective responsibility. In the same vein that a gambling software developer will want to generate buzz about their product, you should make it a point to generate buzz for your event.

What ways have your boosted the signal for your upcoming event? Did it work for you?

featured7 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

We’ve already discussed how social media marketing is one of the most viable forms of marketing for brands and businesses. Today, let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that brands tend to make with their social media marketing.

Incomplete Information

21 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

The social media page of a brand or a business will usually be the first stop of any consumer that wants to know more about it. They will go through the posts and more importantly, they will go through the information that’s placed on the “About” tab.

The About tab should realistically have operating hours, addresses, contact information, and other relevant things. If the brand keeps those sections blank, they give off the vibe that they’re either: 1) new to the whole thing and may not be able to keep up or 2) fraudulent.

Not Knowing Their Audience

22 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

In order for a brand or a business to do well, they need to understand their own services and who they are targeting with this service. It would make very little sense to be a company or brand which is directed toward mothers yet have social media campaigns which target senior citizens.

Knowing the audience and what they may find interesting is one of the best ways to really evoke reactions out of them in a wholly positive way.

Not Keeping Track of Engagement Data

23 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

Any social media manager will tell you that your engagement data is one of the more important keys that you will have to unlocking the purses of your consumers and improving your chances of actually having paying customers.

Every social media platform will come with an engagement metric which you can use to improve your posting. You can use that metric to determine which times of the day your audience is most active—which increases their chances of seeing your posts.

Using the Wrong Platform

24 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of different social media platforms out there and each one has its own appeal. It is also worth noting that different platforms usually have different demographics. For example, if your brand’s target audience would be teens, you would be better off using Snapchat. If you’re targeting the elder communities, you’re better off using Facebook.

It is all about utilizing the right sort of platform to maximize the sort of engagement that you get with your brand and your social media posts.

Moving Forward

It is always important to realize the mistakes that have already been made to better your chances of avoiding those mistakes. Anyone who is in it for profit will take lessons from those that have already gone before—just the way that gamblers do. They take note of the greatest mistakes that other people have made in order to avoid doing those mistakes themselves.

Have you seen any social media mistakes occur on your watch? Which mistakes have you been doing your hardest to avoid?

featured5 - Why is Social Media Considered to Be a Doubled Edged Marketing Tool?

Why is Social Media Considered to Be a Doubled Edged Marketing Tool?

One of the biggest changes in the field of marketing would be the advent of social media. Before any brand chooses to use it for their marketing, they need to fully understand what is at stake. Social Media made connectivity pretty much a dream.

Social Media enabled consumers to really engage the brands that they are interested in ways that were simply not possible before. It also allowed brands to reach out and put forward the latest updates or latest deals with ease—fully knowing that their followers would be more inclined to support them. While social media is indeed a great marketing tool, it is considered to be a double edged one. This is because social media can be used for you and against you.

Here are a few ways in which social media is a double edged marketing tool:


Consumers generally utilize social media to reach out to brands and business that they are interested in patronizing and sending them messages regarding questions or issues that they’ve experienced. If the account handler is able to address the issue well, that’s great.

However, the wrong sort of response or a sort of disconnect between the brand account holder can mean disastrous backlash for the brand.

Reputation Barometer

Social media will always be a great tool to check how warmly or coldly you are regarded by the general market. Most brands will try to cultivate a sort of bond or interest in their product or services through posts.

A majority of brands tend to veer away from posts that are deemed controversial like politics and religion. If a brand makes a mistake and throws their support in for something that is perceived to be wholly negative, the backlash is often immeasurable.

Social Media exchanges have a tendency of going viral for both positive and negative reasons. It would be good to try to stay on the positive side of things as much as possible. If problems do arise, it would be important to address the problem by admitting your fault and endeavoring better in the future.

Moving Forward

If you’re ever planning on using social media for your brand’s marketing, it would highly critical for you to understand some do’s and Don’ts. In the same way that a responsible gambler would arm themselves with the pros and cons of a particular tool like poker software, a business owner or a brand representative should arm themselves with the necessary understanding of a tool that can affect them.

Have you utilized social media for your marketing? Would you say it’s a double edged sword?

info2 - Why is Social Media Considered to Be a Doubled Edged Marketing Tool?

Infographic by: customerinsightgroup.com
featured3 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

In the land of businesses, one particular facet which will always be facing changes would be marketing. Every year or so, there will be new techniques that will pop up and change the game altogether. If you have a brand or a business that you’re part of—or many even own—you will certainly need to make sure that your marketing techniques are not outdated.

To help you with that, here are three outdated marketing techniques:


11 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

Brochures used to be one of the best ways to get out a compartmentalized delivery of information about your brand or business. You print a lot of them and either keep them around your office for any walk-ins or give them away at conferences or even on the street.

Brochures stopped being useful when the advent of the internet came about. Now, people tend to just look up the information and full on websites give them the answers that they seek. Not to mention the fact that it is certainly more expensive now to print out dozens and even hundreds of brochures which no one will need.


12 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

If your brand or company is still using telemarketing, you may want to put a stop to that right now. Recent surveys have said that around 89% of all consumers believe that brands which use telemarketing are either scams or are highly annoying.

Telemarketing is no longer as useful as most people no longer have landlines—the primary target of telemarketers—and most people tend to avoid any businesses which utilize telemarketers for their marketing campaigns.

Direct Mailing

13 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

Gone are the days where people get a ton of junk mail. More and more people are rather discerning about the mail that they receive since it entails their mailing address. Most direct mailing campaigns tend to address the consumer in a general sense.

Most consumers prefer a more personalized approach when it comes to marketing tactics. This is where digital mail which has information from a newsletter list comes in handy. While people know that they are usually given the same information as everyone else, depending on the settings, personal perks may be involved like for someone’s birthday.

Moving Forward

It is okay to realize that you’re using outdated marketing techniques—after all, people make mistakes. What is important is that you do endeavor to change what is no longer useful. For example, a gambler who keeps losing money because they keep using outdated techniques will only have themselves to blame.

What will set your brand on a course for success or ruin is what you choose to do from now on. Will you be keeping the outdated techniques or adapting the new ones?

featured2 - What Should You Have Before You Start an Event?

What Should You Have Before You Start an Event?

Events and business go together like wine and cheese. They highlight the best of each other when paired properly. When one is mishandled or they do not fit, it can end in a wholly negative experience. So if you’re planning on throwing an event soon, there are a few things that you should already have.

Things like:

A Concrete Plan

1 - What Should You Have Before You Start an Event?

We can probably never emphasize this enough. Knowing the kind of event you want is quite different from the kind of event that you will be able to throw. A lot of the time the planning phase will dump a lot of ideas that seemed to be good ones at the time.

A concrete plan will help fortify the things that need to be done and set the course for suitable action.

Reliable Suppliers

2 - What Should You Have Before You Start an Event?

Events will need suppliers. For example, if you’re hosting a cocktail, you’ll need good drinks, some tables, and even IDs or some give-away items. You will need reliable suppliers that will not have delays or issues with your items.

There have been too many events which failed because the suppliers failed to push through with their agreements.


3 - What Should You Have Before You Start an Event?

In order for an event to be successful, people have to attend it. In order to get people to show up, they need to have a good reason for it. This is where proper marketing campaigns come in to save the day. A good pitch will always raise the chances of an event being enticing enough to attend.

Moving Forward

It always pays to know what you shall be needing before you will actually need it. The same ways that those who plan on throwing gambling nights with friends, it really helps to be aware of what would be needed so that the rest of the night can just be smooth sailing.

Have you ever tried to throw an event before? What did you end up needing for it?