Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

In the land of businesses, one particular facet which will always be facing changes would be marketing. Every year or so, there will be new techniques that will pop up and change the game altogether. If you have a brand or a business that you’re part of—or many even own—you will certainly need to make sure that your marketing techniques are not outdated.

To help you with that, here are three outdated marketing techniques:


11 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

Brochures used to be one of the best ways to get out a compartmentalized delivery of information about your brand or business. You print a lot of them and either keep them around your office for any walk-ins or give them away at conferences or even on the street.

Brochures stopped being useful when the advent of the internet came about. Now, people tend to just look up the information and full on websites give them the answers that they seek. Not to mention the fact that it is certainly more expensive now to print out dozens and even hundreds of brochures which no one will need.


12 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

If your brand or company is still using telemarketing, you may want to put a stop to that right now. Recent surveys have said that around 89% of all consumers believe that brands which use telemarketing are either scams or are highly annoying.

Telemarketing is no longer as useful as most people no longer have landlines—the primary target of telemarketers—and most people tend to avoid any businesses which utilize telemarketers for their marketing campaigns.

Direct Mailing

13 - Looking Back: Three Outdated Marketing Techniques

Gone are the days where people get a ton of junk mail. More and more people are rather discerning about the mail that they receive since it entails their mailing address. Most direct mailing campaigns tend to address the consumer in a general sense.

Most consumers prefer a more personalized approach when it comes to marketing tactics. This is where digital mail which has information from a newsletter list comes in handy. While people know that they are usually given the same information as everyone else, depending on the settings, personal perks may be involved like for someone’s birthday.

Moving Forward

It is okay to realize that you’re using outdated marketing techniques—after all, people make mistakes. What is important is that you do endeavor to change what is no longer useful. For example, a gambler who keeps losing money because they keep using outdated techniques will only have themselves to blame.

What will set your brand on a course for success or ruin is what you choose to do from now on. Will you be keeping the outdated techniques or adapting the new ones?

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