Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

We’ve already discussed how social media marketing is one of the most viable forms of marketing for brands and businesses. Today, let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that brands tend to make with their social media marketing.

Incomplete Information

21 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

The social media page of a brand or a business will usually be the first stop of any consumer that wants to know more about it. They will go through the posts and more importantly, they will go through the information that’s placed on the “About” tab.

The About tab should realistically have operating hours, addresses, contact information, and other relevant things. If the brand keeps those sections blank, they give off the vibe that they’re either: 1) new to the whole thing and may not be able to keep up or 2) fraudulent.

Not Knowing Their Audience

22 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

In order for a brand or a business to do well, they need to understand their own services and who they are targeting with this service. It would make very little sense to be a company or brand which is directed toward mothers yet have social media campaigns which target senior citizens.

Knowing the audience and what they may find interesting is one of the best ways to really evoke reactions out of them in a wholly positive way.

Not Keeping Track of Engagement Data

23 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

Any social media manager will tell you that your engagement data is one of the more important keys that you will have to unlocking the purses of your consumers and improving your chances of actually having paying customers.

Every social media platform will come with an engagement metric which you can use to improve your posting. You can use that metric to determine which times of the day your audience is most active—which increases their chances of seeing your posts.

Using the Wrong Platform

24 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Do With Their Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of different social media platforms out there and each one has its own appeal. It is also worth noting that different platforms usually have different demographics. For example, if your brand’s target audience would be teens, you would be better off using Snapchat. If you’re targeting the elder communities, you’re better off using Facebook.

It is all about utilizing the right sort of platform to maximize the sort of engagement that you get with your brand and your social media posts.

Moving Forward

It is always important to realize the mistakes that have already been made to better your chances of avoiding those mistakes. Anyone who is in it for profit will take lessons from those that have already gone before—just the way that gamblers do. They take note of the greatest mistakes that other people have made in order to avoid doing those mistakes themselves.

Have you seen any social media mistakes occur on your watch? Which mistakes have you been doing your hardest to avoid?

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