Hello and welcome to Connected Enterprise Report. As you may know we are an online publication that is focused on the topics of technology, marketing, and events. Beyond providing discussions, we also aim to provide a valuable service for any smaller businesses, brands, and startups.

Other then being an online publication, we are a consultancy firm which prioritizes helping those that are still troubled on how to effectively apply technology, create effective marketing techniques, and even coming up with good event concepts for their brands. To help with that, here are a few of our solutions:

Account Handling

We make it a point to help clients not just at the beginning but even after the project. If you’re not quite certain what you need, we’ve got professionals who are able to provide comprehensive assessments of your brand.

From there, we set up a presentation which ultimately gives you the power to choose which you feel is best for your brand. Once the decision is made, we help you with the practical application.

Event Handling

Never thrown an event before? Allow our team to teach you the ins and outs of a successful event campaign.

Marketing Classes

Marketing campaigns can be difficult especially when you’re not all that familiar with the recent trends. To combat this, we hold classes which focus on marketing techniques.

For other solutions or any questions, please feel free to reach us at 605-964-3948. Take control of your brand’s direction and master the technology as it applies to your business.