featured10 - Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

Ethereal Marketing: 24 Hours of Absolute Magic

When you log onto your chosen social media platform, chances are you will see an option to watch the temporary “stories” of your network. What you may not realize is that this is actually ethereal marketing.

What is Ethereal Marketing?

This is the wholly digital marketing technique where in you make use of the post option which disappears after 24 hours. These are quite common in Snapchat, Instagram, and now, even Facebook. These temporary posts are the latest in a long line of updates which businesses and brands can take advantage of.

Here are a few reasons why we refer to ethereal marketing as “24 hours of absolute magic”:

Speedy Posting

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One great thing about ethereal marketing is that you can create one super fast. You can have photo of your latest product, put a caption, and upload it. It takes very little time to compose a post which is ideal when you’ve got a lot of other things to do.

Speedy posting also helps with the consumers that don’t really spend a lot of time going through newsfeeds. A quick ethereal post will help them keep up with any updates from you without having to spend a lot of time on the social media platform.

Immediate Responses

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The followers of your brand will get notifications that you have shared something on the platform. If your post enables them to respond to you via comments or through a choice that they can select, you can make use of that to determine the success of your upcoming endeavor.

Timed Offers

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One of the best things about ethereal marketing is that it encourages your audience to engage fully. For example, you have a limited time offer which is only possible by catching a screen cap of your post and presenting it at the store or at an event. Not everyone will be able to do it and it has to be an actual screen cap so it cannot be just passed around.

This makes sure that your audience will always check your stories for the chance to obtain limited time offers.

Moving Forward

Ethereal marketing is a branch of technology which should be utilized quite often—especially if you want to maintain a foothold in the consciousness of your audiences. In the same way that a gambler will be utilizing something that can help them maximize their wins, your brand should maximize the benefits of ethereal marketing.

Have you given ethereal marketing a try? What benefits has your brand reaped from it?

featured5 - Why is Social Media Considered to Be a Doubled Edged Marketing Tool?

Why is Social Media Considered to Be a Doubled Edged Marketing Tool?

One of the biggest changes in the field of marketing would be the advent of social media. Before any brand chooses to use it for their marketing, they need to fully understand what is at stake. Social Media made connectivity pretty much a dream.

Social Media enabled consumers to really engage the brands that they are interested in ways that were simply not possible before. It also allowed brands to reach out and put forward the latest updates or latest deals with ease—fully knowing that their followers would be more inclined to support them. While social media is indeed a great marketing tool, it is considered to be a double edged one. This is because social media can be used for you and against you.

Here are a few ways in which social media is a double edged marketing tool:


Consumers generally utilize social media to reach out to brands and business that they are interested in patronizing and sending them messages regarding questions or issues that they’ve experienced. If the account handler is able to address the issue well, that’s great.

However, the wrong sort of response or a sort of disconnect between the brand account holder can mean disastrous backlash for the brand.

Reputation Barometer

Social media will always be a great tool to check how warmly or coldly you are regarded by the general market. Most brands will try to cultivate a sort of bond or interest in their product or services through posts.

A majority of brands tend to veer away from posts that are deemed controversial like politics and religion. If a brand makes a mistake and throws their support in for something that is perceived to be wholly negative, the backlash is often immeasurable.

Social Media exchanges have a tendency of going viral for both positive and negative reasons. It would be good to try to stay on the positive side of things as much as possible. If problems do arise, it would be important to address the problem by admitting your fault and endeavoring better in the future.

Moving Forward

If you’re ever planning on using social media for your brand’s marketing, it would highly critical for you to understand some do’s and Don’ts. In the same way that a responsible gambler would arm themselves with the pros and cons of a particular tool like poker software, a business owner or a brand representative should arm themselves with the necessary understanding of a tool that can affect them.

Have you utilized social media for your marketing? Would you say it’s a double edged sword?

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