Automaton and Employees: Why Finding the Balance is Important

Innovation has always been a determining factor in the processes that a business or an industry will do certain things. Back in the day, most plants involved the use of manual labor. In today’s world, it would be far more common to have massive plants which are most automated.

The trouble with going with a fully mechanical work force is the fact that the people that used to make their livelihood are suddenly out of a job. While it’s beneficial for you as a business owner, it is hardly beneficial for those who used to work for you. A good example of this would be Charlie Bucket’s father from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

He used to be the person who would put the caps on the toothpaste tubes. The owners of the factory brought in a machine and Mr. Bucket promptly lost his job. It was not until later that the machine had started breaking down and Mr. Bucket was brought in to be the one who was assigned to maintain the machine.

This shows a good balance between using a machine and keeping a person employed. In other cases, here are a few good reasons why a balance is needed:

Brand Longevity

When you have a business, it would silly to only want the business to stay alive as long as you are alive. The best sorts of brands and businesses are those that are generational. In order for your brand to sustain itself, it needs to show not only the consumers but also the people working for them that they are worth supporting.

If you outright replace everyone, chances are, the children or other network members of that employee will be less inclined to support you and even decline to work for you despite being so close to having an understanding of your brand.


Relying solely on machines and software to handle your logistics and processes is just plain silly. There are certain aspects that a person will be able to foresee that a machine will not. A machine will only do what you tell it to. It will not tell you if the result of a decision will be good or bad for the brand.

For example, a gambler may use gambling software to play however, when their gut tells them that something is off, they will still follow their instinct. A machine or software does not have this instinct.

Moving Forward

Innovation is something that is indeed necessary. Not only does it optimize the processes which benefit the consumer but it also ensures that people are no longer required to work in dangerous conditions. Technology should always be applied properly alongside the human factor in businesses in order for it to work. After all, a broken machine cannot fix itself no matter how smart the software is.

Do you believe that a balance between automation and human employees is needed?

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