The Advent of the Remote Worker: How Have Things Changed

When you think of a business, you often think of office buildings or stores which have management, employees, and clients all coming together. This has been the norm for centuries. In today’s world, this is no longer the only set-up that is available for both workers and business owners.

In today’s world the remote worker has become a pretty acceptable fixture in the world of business. Let’s explore the concept of it and how it has significantly changed the field of employment.

What is a Remote Worker?

A remote worker or remote employee is a person that is involved with work in a business but does not physically show up for work. Instead, their contributions toward the work are all conducted online. Everything is conducted online; from communication, meetings, and even submissions of tasks. Technology has made all of this possible.

How Have Remote Workers Changed the Field?

The advent of remote workers has made drastic changes happen in the dynamic of bosses and their workers. Here are a few ways that they’ve changed the field:

Cheaper Overhead

It used to be super expensive to have a business because it often involved several factors that needed to be paid off on a regular basis. If the building you’re using isn’t yours you’ll have to pay rent. As your business maintains operation, you have to pay utilities like electricity, water, supplies, internet, and a variety of other things.

Not to mention that you also have to spend money to ensure that your employees get paid.

Remote workers take away all those other responsibilities since they mostly work from their own homes so what employers usually pay would be the salary. It is now entirely possible to run a business from the comfort of your own home as well.

Better Work/Life Balance

The norm for a lot of cultures all over the world was to dedicate around 70% of your waking life to your job. Most people were even expected to still be working beyond the clock. Remote workers now have a better chance of obtaining better work/life balance.

They are able to still work and provide for their families yet spend more time with them like never before.

Moving Forward

While there are concerns with the productivity of remote workers, they have mostly shown a better propensity to stick to deadlines and provide quality work. This is because they want to stay employed remotely in order to avoid the hassle of the commute and working for a toxic work environment.

It’s exactly the same way how gamblers are no longer just restricted to having to go out to gamble. The internet allows them to receive all the perks of gambling for the comfort of their home. Have you come across a remote worker before? What ways have they changed the working dynamic in your area?

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